How long to recover?

Last Tuesday I went over on my ankle while doing a warm up for my race for life. I managed to run 1.5k before it went again and had to walk. When I got to the sign saying 500 meters to go I decided to run; managed about 8m and fell over. The next day I got up and proceeded to throw up and faint with the pain (I don't do things by halves). Anyway it's still quite swollen and a bit painful but I can walk on it fine. Obviously I haven't been for a run since but I'm wondering how long I should leave it before I run again. I'm desperate to get back into the routine and I've already decided to go back to week 3 and finish the programme again as the last time was a bit to sporadic and so I don't class myself as a graduate yet. I've still got a tubular bandage on and you can't see my ankle bone. Any advice? Xx

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  • Yes. See a doctor!

    You've probably sprained it but it could be a fracture. Definitely DO NOT run until the swelling has gone down and preferably after you've had a proper diagnosis and advice.

  • Seconded. You need medical attention. Good luck :)

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