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Week 6 done - now a break for surgery :/

Very proud of myself. This was better than the 20 minutes I did at the end of Week 5 coz I felt I kept up a much better pace and in the last minute when Laura said to speed up if you could, I did! Laura says I'm a proper runner and that is how it felt today :) Those of you wondering, I am still running around the lounge ...

Now going to have to give it a break. I have a surgery coming up either Wednesday or Thursday this week and will be recovering for at least a week. Any thoughts on where I should start when I get back to it? Week 6 again or even further back?

Summer holidays coming up at the end of this month will be flying into the UK for 6 weeks. Cannot wait to do proper running outside in a clean and fresh environment!

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You show real dedication, still running around the lounge! You might not lose much fitness in a week, maybe repeat week 6? And what a change it will be to actually be able to go outside for your run in UK.

Hope the surgery goes well!


I guess you will need to see how you feel, no point over doing it and setting yourself back. Maybe go slow and see what you can do. It will be so nice to get outside and not run round in circles! I admire your dedication keeping going on your lounge. Hope all goes well for you.

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hi there,

Well done for getting to week 6 and completing it. It was the bit I found the hardest.

I have in the past done runs and walks in my lounge and also in hotel rooms. Sometimes its just the easiest and most convenient thing to do --so you are not alone :)

All the best to you with your surgery--like the others have said see how you feel when you start running again.

Just start slowly and see how it feels--you'll know on the day how far you can go. But don't worry about it--whatever you do will be a good workout.

take care

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Who've thought a recorded voice saying 4 little words could make you feel so great?! Amazing that you manage to do it in your lounge too!!

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