A Scared Newbie

Hi - I'm new to posting here. I am on week 7 and have my second run of 25 minutes to do this morning. I have been feeling scared of late before these longer runs. More around maybe I won't be able to complete it. I have always been able to complete each run because my pace is not fast. Is this some kind of psychological barrier I need to break through?  Has anyone got any advice for me?


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49 Replies

  • Keep doing what u r doing.  A slower pace has allowed u to run longer, so it is working.  Plenty of time to think about speed when u graduate but it is the run time that matters!  I graduated 37 weeks ago and I was slow too but getting to week 9 is hard, so keep going

  • Thanks so much W7R2  under my belt. Am extremely chuffed 

  • Thanks I have to say that I am stunned by all the encouragement.  I did another 25 minute run this morning so agree it shows I can do it 

  • Well done you ! Yes this is pretty much a mental challenge as well as a physical one .

    See, you passed with flying colours ! We've just got to have some self belief , I know its easier said than done , but I believe we are capable of so much when we really put our minds to it ( or set our stall out as my Mam used to say :-)) xxx

  • I totally agree - what I am realising is that I'm amazed at how my responds and is changing with my slow pace. Thanks for the encouragement 

  • If what u r doing is working, just do it again!  Fantastic

  • That's a yes from me. Thank you

  • Oh dear...well what is the worst that can happen ? You need a 20-30 second walk break to carry on ?   If that happens you've still been out and had your period of exercise. Honestly, don't worry about it, the big thing is just to get out there and not to let mental negativity stop you. It sounds as if you're doing just the right thing by going slowly and if you're on w7 you're doing really well. Nothing's gone wrong yet so why should it ? Good luck.

  • Thank you when you put it like that I will keep chugging along. 

  • You're doing great. You're at week 7 - awesome! Nobody's watching its just you and the road. 

    Our feelings follow our thoughts so if you change your focus you will change how you feel about it. Think back over all the small wins that have got you to here and what getting out there gives you. Think about why you are doing this at all and how amazing it will be after each run you complete as you move to graduation. 

    How you get there and how long won't matter in the end. That you did it will ... And the benefits are huge.

    Keep going. Put your shoes on and take one step at a time. That's it. 

  • Thank you - my last 25 minute run of week 7 is on Friday so I will change my focus. I love how I feel after completing a run 

  • Oh well done!  I remember feeling like that too.  A mix of excitement at going out and nerves as to whether or not I could manage it.  The next couple of weeks are just consolidating continuous running and after doing intervals for so many weeks previous to this it can seem a little daunting.  But... the programme is designed to get us to graduation and it really does so keep the faith and keep it slow and steady. 

    Suggestions: make sure you start out slow so you have plenty left in the tank.  Look around you and take in all the sights as that can help refocus your mind outwards rather than have it taken over by the gremlins of doubt.  And, finally, be in awe of what you have achieved so far.  You are so close to graduating now.  Well done!

    Happy running! :)

  • Thank you. This happy runner did another 25 minutes and although i was tired i was mentally patting myself on the back!'

  • Excellent!  Well done! :D

  • It is the mental stuff, 25 minutes is a very long time. I found that was more of a challenge than the physical running. Laura warns us of that so just keep plodding on. You will get in the zone, it's just something else your body has to become accustomed to. You've got this far so you will do it, never fear! 

  • Thanks and I ran another 25 minutes this morning and feel like a champion 

  • Funnily enough I felt like that about week 4, had to really push myself to do it and was pleased to find it wasn't as bad as I had worried about.  Best thing is just to do it and feel pleased afterwards :D

  • You are so right. I did another 25 minute  run this morning and discovered worrying about it is worse than doing it. 

  • As the others say and will say, slow and really steady...there is no need for speed at all. This programme will take you, steadily, through to the finish line.

    Many of us felt like you, at different times, and we got there ...even me! :)

  • Thank you I intend to keep on with the programme.  I like how already running makes me feel and look. 

  • If you have got past the dreaded W5D3 and W6D1, you are flying - I always think they are massive psychological hurdles and if you can do those runs you can do anything.  I would not even worry about your speed until you graduate - it is more about running for 30 minutes than anything else - remember back at the start when you could barely run for a full minute?  Look at you now!  You are doing fantastic - the speed will come but don't even take it into consideration until after graduation.  Keep up the good work - that shiny badge is in sight and boy have you earned it!  :)

  • Thanks I'm looking forward to graduating but am very happy to be able to complete each of the runs. Boy and I did used to think Laura was sadly mistaken if she thought I could run for a minute!!

  • I know how you feel, I have got a 20 minute continuous run tonight and I feel nervous about it - logically I know I can do it cos I did 18 mins on Sunday and had enough energy for a sprint at the end but my mind is still playing catch up and thinks I can't possibly run for that long as only a few weeks ago I could only run for a minute.  We can do this though!  Good luck with your 25 mins I am sure you will smash it!

  • Thanks - another 25 minute run under my belt this morning. I did it!! I know you can too. Let me know how your run goes  this evening 

  • Will do, it's a lovely evening for it anyway!

  • I'm just about to go out the door for my second run of wk 7 too.  The first run was hard, and I've taken a two day rest to recover, now it's wet and cold outside (up north- lucky things down south!)  I'm still nervous of this one - I can do it but it's hard, the time worries me too.  I think it feels hard again, almost week one hard.  My partner says after 40 odd years of doing nothing much my head is resisting this new activity and wants to go back to old habits.  I think giving up the couch is like giving up smoking - it's a habit to break.  See you on the other side....

  • Run 2 of week 7 completed. Thanks for the encouragement- how did yours go?

  • If you can't complete a run, you repeat it. There is nothing to worry about.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks another 25 minute run completed and I'm grinning like a Cheshire Cat!!

  • Hi, I have just completed WK7 and now on WK8 and since WK5R3 running the longer distance I have had times when it's very easy and then you get the ones like I had to start WK8 where I had times that I struggled... The only advice I can offer is what I have been using wether it's because of a stitch or a hill or just because........ if I start feeling it a struggle then slow down 'Your body is just getting used to this' a little voice says to me when I feel down when my feet are hardly moving 😞 I repeat it again and again and just remind myself what 90 seconds or 3 minutes felt like 😮 YOU are not in a race and as Laura says 'This is building stamina....' And she is right just pinch yourself and if YOU were like me think back at what the first few weeks were like!!! As lots of these wonderful people have told me and now I believe 'I will do this!!!' Hey "MO" Farah there is no need to move over just yet and the London Marathon is not going to feature for a while but 3 x 30 minute runs/jogs/crawls yep this will happen!!! Just remember to do some strength excercises on the days off just slow down if you need to it's the 'Running for 30 Minutes' that is important not the time.... This will come later when you get stronger... Think of a baby when it starts to stand then walk... You would be shocked if it stood up all wobbly then started to run across the room! 😱 Same thing... Just think 'One step for YOU one giant LEAP for a Couch Potato' 😉 Good Luck and I'm sure in less than 2 Weeks!!!! I will be one of the Many 'Fellow Runners' who is saying Congratulations...... YOU are now a Graduate 🏅🎽🍾

  • Thank you I appreciate you taking the time to encourage me. I ran another 25 minutes this morning. I have downloaded the strength and flex series so will look at doing something tomorrow. Thank you again for those words of wisdom 

  • I have just run the WK8R2 and I'm warning you now I'm thinking of getting shorts because it was so HOT out there😥😳 if I do you can be sure we are in for a COLD Snap❄️🌨 I got to my second hill at 14 minutes and had to slow down.. Glad to hear your going to get the strength and flex it helps me... Keep running and well done 👏👏

  • Well done. A And remember you have already done 25 minutes so of course you can do it again. I always find the first five are the worst, and that's when I have to keep shouting back at the Gremlins. Another trick is to focus on what you'll write on here when you get back. Look forward to saying "I did it" really loudly.  

  • Thank you and I agree the first five minute are tough. I did another 25 minutes this morning. Only one more run and then I move onto week 8. Am thoroughly chuffed with myself!!

  • I had exactly the same experience for week 7 (week 8 run 2 tomorrow). I think the reason the runs seem harder is because that walk break buffered you from any mistakes made in the segment before. For example, if you run the first 5 minutes too fast then you will notice in the walk break and start the next segment a bit slower. You can also recoup in the walk break.

    In the continuous run, I found that a mistake in the run affected the entire run. So starting just a little quicker made me struggle for the entire run.

    It is definitely a mental battle as well - 25 minutes seems a long time, but you have run for that amount of time before. 

    Trust the plan and trust your own abilities.

    So yes, you can do - believe it, just make sure to be relaxed, concentrate on form and breathing and START SLOWLY :-). 

  • Agreed - I did another 25 minute run and really took my time. I feel a real sense of achievement in finishing and that is great. Thanks for the help in focusing my mind. 

  • It is definitely more of a mental barrier than a physical one, I think.  How did you feel once you had started your first 25 minute run?  I bet it wasn't so hard once you got going.  And you know you can do it.  The pace doesn't matter as that should increase with time.  Keep going and try to silence those demons in your head.  You know your body can make the journey.

  • Hi there thanks for the comments. I always find the first five minutes tough time then find a steady pace which I can maintain. Thoughts of I can't do it don't even come into. I'm too concentrating and jogging. Is that what you find?

  • Well I have returned from wk7r2 somewhat soggy in the rain, but a successful run, not as hard as the first, though went off a bit quick, managed to get back into a manageable rhythm.  Biggest issue was the puddles - cold wet feet not good but overall,  feeling happy 🙂  How did you do Lifeisgood52?

  • If you splash hard enough in the puddles, the water goes out and you foot stays dry :) .... But if you aren't lifting your knees right up you will splash the other leg!

  • Hi there well w7r2 went well. I did the same in terms of pace a little too fast but then slowed down to a manageable pace. I varied my route and got a little lost in some back road but found my way home eventually. Happy to have done it. Was feeling quite sore so did quite a bit of stretching. Last run of week 7 on Friday and am looking forward to it 

  • I was given a tip which I follow. Tell yourself just 5mts then keep adding up the already done 5s and telling yourself just 5 more. Near the end when I'm getting tired I tell myself I can I will  I am doing this! My mp3 player has thrown a wobbly so I listen to local radio and really concentrate on the lyrics and conversation. It's easier to stop your mind being negative if you give it something else to think about. If you just try to stop it thinking about failure it's like saying to it "Don't think about cake!" Don't know about you but quite a few types of cake just flashed past my mind eye. Hope this helps, my next run is W7R1 and I'm telling myself I've already done this all I've got to do is get there again, good luck :)

  • Wow I like that thought thank you. It's very true it's psychological. I am listening to the podcasts and singing along - where I can just a few words otherwise I'd run out breath. Everyone is so supportive and kind I really am glad I posted. Thanks again 

  • Just starting week 7 myself and now I a, nowhere near as fast or agile as I need to be but can't believe what I have achieved in the past 6 weeks and sure you feel the same. We're in it together !!!

  • I agree my biggest challenge used to be being able to run a minutes, then three and so on. My body is definitely challenged but because my stamina has increased I have been able to keep on going. We are in this together for sure!!

  • The others have said it all! As soon as you get out and run all the inhibitions will just melt away! Go for it!

  • Hang in there.  The toughest bit at this stage in the program is the mental side of the equation.   You're more than ready physically to complete the run;  you just need to relax and let yourself believe in the great progress you've made over the past six weeks.   Go slow if you need to.  And as many others have said, there's no real pressure at all.   If you can't finish, repeat the run as many times as necessary until you can complete it and feel good about it.  Enjoy the experience.  You're doing great.

  • Hi, I'm planning week 7 run 2 tomorrow, should have been today but it's pouring down, I always surprise myself by being able to complete runs, the first 20 minute run was a high. The programme has worked so far so keep the faith and good luck.

  • So pleased you did your second run, (your later post)  it's a bit daunting especially if you found a longer run tough, but some good advice on this site about going a slower pace  and just running the allotted time, remember on wk 1 that 60 minute run was tough and look how far you have come, well done stick with it , you will succeed, 

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