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Week 6 is done

Morning couchers.

I was planning to do the final run yesterday.  Friend's leaving do on Friday got VERY messy and was very ill all of yesterday.  Will have to lay off the vodka I think!  My app had a bit of a moment, so I actually ended up running for 26 minutes.  I did it and it was OK.  Still VERY slow but that seems to work for me now that I've got my breathing sorted out (thank the Lord for Ventolin)!

Happy Sunday everyone xx

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Well done on completing week 6, and I am also loving the Ventolin!  It seems alcohol really can interfere with our running, just makes me sluggish and tired.  How depressing...

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Hey you, wondered what you'd been up to, now I know! The dreaded self inflicted injury couch!  Glad you're ok now :o)

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