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Wk1 Run 2 - felt harder!

I did my second run this morning (got in just before the rain started - thankfully). I have to say it felt harder. Yesterday was my "rest" day but I did a lot of garden work - demolishing a rockery, shifting lots of stone and digging. So my calves felt tight before I started.  

I was determined because of this that I'd consciously go slower to compensate but by doing that I felt my stride shortening and was almost flopping my feet, which in turn made my calves hurt even more. I'm pleased to say my breathing was fine and I did another run without needing my inhaler. But I did have to drop to a quick march on a couple of the runs due to the cramps. 

Both runs I've done have been in Nike Airmax type trainers that I bought primarily for netball (I help out with the netball team at school) or the gym. I feel like I'm needing more cushioning under my heel to stop the jarring and tightening in my calves. 

I do have a history of shin splints and cramps when I skate (I also play roller derby) which I have to stretch and work through, especially when it's cold. 

I'd love any advice from people who have had similar. 

Thanks in advance :-)

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Not sure I have any advice as such, other than to say that sounds completely normal. I also suffered with tight calves and cramping sensations in the first two weeks, but I found it eased up enormously by Week 3. Also, Run 2 can often feel harder than Run 1 - progress isn’t always linear. I remember I had the same in Week 1, with Run 2 seeming tougher. I gave myself an extra day off and cruised Run 3. Take it easy, but keep going. Expect some aches and niggles. Have faith that they will pass.

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Thank you :-)


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