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Shingles+dodgy hip= a (much needed) kick up the glutes😉

Having finally graduated in the autumn I have not been running much due to a sore hip and sore foot. Two weeks ago I got Shingles, not too much pain (I have been lucky from what I have heard) but extreme tiredness. Sitting around for two weeks has made me determined to get better and get out there as soon as I am able.

With that in mind I got a physio appointment and turns out left foot pain is coming from tight right hip! So a bit of painful glute massage and a long list of daily exercises and I am on the mend!!

Next week is going to be tiring as I am back to work but by posting here I am more likely to stick to my exercise regime and get my trainers back on as soon as I am able!

Have a great weekend everyone, and keep shuffling, jogging, running or sprinting - whatever floats your boat!👟😃

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Hi Tara, I graduated in November after a lovely year of c25k. (Started in April). It is hard to stay motivated and carry on running this time of year. I miss the light evenings and mild dry weather.

Sorry to hear you have been unwell and hope you feel better soon.

Remember that you CAN run for 30 mins and that is a terrific achievement.

When you do get your trainers back on you will still be a runner and can start to plan some new goals to make it fun again. Best wishes. :)

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Poor you. Shingles is a nasty disease. It is very tiring so I have heard. Get well soon

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Thanks Cath, and Jan, yes it will be great to get back out there again, (remind me of that when I am huffing and puffing! ). I know what you mean about this time of year but every step you take now will build strength for those lovely early summer runs that make your heart sing!

T x

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