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Happy to be back, sad about the Senate

Lovely to be out and running in the sun after 6 weeks on the Injury Couch with a grumbling hamstring. But my heart nearly broke when I ran past the Senate in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris to see that it is all cordoned off and we have to run around it with a very wide berth. So sad for Paris but the runners were out in force and not letting it stop them!

Although a graduate for some time, I am starting back on week 1 to see how the hamstring holds up, but will probably progress to week 2 on Monday and advance through the stages quickly. My aim is to get back to 5k before Christmas. Just hoping that tomorrow my hamstring will still be pain free as I never know about it till the next day! Glad to be back!!!

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I'm sure that was a very poignant run for you but it makes running all the sweeter because we're free to do it.

Good luck for the second spin around the programme block. It sounds as if you'll be back to your usual level pretty soon.


It's great to leave the injury couch isn't it?! 🏃🏻

Such sadness for Paris. Still shocked at what happened, but so glad to hear that people are determined to carry on doing the things that matter to them. Terroism cannot win where freedom remains.


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