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Not the alcoholic type, well not just yet, will have to wait until graduation for that.

I was wondering what is best to drink during runs. Is water the best or is there any other I could use? I'm still fairly new to this so looking for advice.

Btw finished week 6 this morning, 4.2k in 25min, 10km/h so quite proud of myself since 6weeks ago I didn't even own a pair of trainers!

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Well done for making it this far. I make sure I'm well hydrated before I go so I don't bother to carry a bottle with me. Others may disagree but as you're only running for about 1/2 an hour on C25K it really shouldn't be a problem.

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Hi and well done.

I too hydrate before I go. Water!! I'm running up 10k's and a little more and don't take drinks with me.

I think any run 10k and under should be OK as long as you have hydrated before you go. Everyone is different though.

I also find I am not good at drinking on the go. Did try it once!!



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I carry a small running bottle, either water or a little weak squash. I find my throat can feel dry so a drink helps though I always make sure I'm hydrated before I go out. You shouldn't really need a drink on short runs but I like it. Plain water,should be fine, I add squash just because I like the flavour.

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Thanks both. I normally drink lots of water before and after going running so I guess I'm doing the right thing. Looking forward to the next three weeks!


That's perfect Froggy.

Good Luck with the next 3 weeks, you will be a graduate before uou know it

J xx


Making sure you well hydrated before , think the general consensus has been it isn't necessary to carry water up to 5k or during C25K it is more necessary once you start to run longer distances ,then fuelling comes into to it as well..

I know I don't drink enough water during the day , I know there are apps out there that will remind you when you should drink some etc

Well done on your progress so far you doing just fine :D keep going


I find I don't need to take water under 10k or so, but did when half marathon training - lots of my friends would run even that distance without it, so it is what suits you.

Afterwards I think it's good to have squash with a pinch of salt to replace what you've sweated out, but again only long distances.


Water is always a great idea. It also depends on the weather, when it's warm always carry water. I have try to carry money too as just in case!!


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