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I have the bug in more ways than one !!!

Its that season again, and I seem to have a head cold. This is really unfortunate timing as on Wednesday of last week, was super excited as I had completed Wk 9 , run 1 yah. Then Thursday came and the snuffles, and Friday was a full blown cold. I could tell though I had the running bug also, as I could not wait to get out and run. Everyday was the shall I, shan't I question ??? So today, with tissues in pocket, I could wait no longer and went to do run 2, not really expecting to complete, just to maintain my overall fitness. However to my absolute amazement, I was fine after 4 days rest, and feeling a little under the weather. So to everyone who is doubting themselves because you have set backs and probably much more significant than mine, go for it. The programme does really work.. Keep running ...........

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well done on getting back out there and completing the run :) the normal rule of thumb for colds is if it above your neck you can continue to run but no intense workouts ,if it is below then you should stop running until the symptoms clear ..

Good luck with your graduation run and welcome to addictive world of running :D

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Good for you.


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