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Week 5 begins here

Well, end of week 4, and bit disappointed there has been no loss of weight this week, but I have lost inches. Have to admit that I was a bit naughty over the weekend, eating out, so am glad I didn't put any weight on. I know it isn't easy to maintain the saintliness of the first few weeks, and being honest, I don't want to be so strict that it takes over my life, so don't feel too guilty. I am back to being good today, and still enjoying going to the gym 3 times a week. I have upped the resistance on some of the machines, and feel I could do with increasing it again. Not bad for only a month. Go me!!, I am in this for the long haul, so an occasional blip (holiday/birthday/night out) isn't going to de t my progress too much. Just over three weeks to holidays so better get my ass in gear. Have a good week folks.

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Let's put it this way: If you were faced with the following either-or choice, which would you take? 1. Lose pounds (and not inches) 2. Lose inches (and not pounds). I think you're getting strong. And apparently muscles have a high metabolic rate even when you're fast asleep.

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Hi Gary, I am a Libran so not good with either or as I can make a case for both.ha ha. Either way is making progress in my opinion. Of course I am greedy and would prefer both.😄 Thanks for the support.


Hmmm. I would eat better and do less arduous stuff at the gym. Upping the ante at the gym so you can eat more is not a good plan. If you're in it for the long haul then you can do things steadily and carefully thus avoiding injury. Increasing workouts to make them even more strenuous early on will get you hurt!

Healthy food, reasonable amounts of exercise, plenty of sleep, will see the weight come off. I think if you make poor food/drink choices then all the exercise in the world won't make you healthy. You'll just burn out

Think about your eats/drinks and what you are consuming that isn't helping you on the road to fitness. Once you get into a routine of eating healthily you won't really want to go back to what you did before. Even on nights out you'll look for healthy choices. Think about quality rather than quantity and you'll enjoy your food more than you ever did. Eat clean with lots of healthy protein, fruit and veg with the occasional glass of wine and you'll soon start feeling better. Fortunately the effects of a better diet are really quick!

Good luck and have fun!


I am not upping ante at the gym to eat more though.

I lost 10lbs over the past three and a bit weeks, and have been eating really well and no snacking. No wine either!

My 13 year old daughter played her first gig in a band yesterday so we ate out afterwards with her to celebrate. I had a starter along with a main meal (a chicken salad), and I had one small piece of garlic bread. Not exactly going crazy with the extra food.I am not going to beat myself up about a piece of garlic bread and a couple of jalapeño poppers.

When I started at the gym I was recovering from a frozen shoulder so my programme and resistance was set at a manageable level, but I didn't feel that I was pushing myself enough so asked to increase it gradually. Not because I want to eat more, but because I could do more.

Today I am back to my healthy eating again, and will continue until my holidays, then again afterwards. (Having said that, as a family we have always eaten healthily, it's just portion size was maybe a bit to big, and the snacking didn't help. Portion sizes have been reduced, and I haven't been tempted to snack at all.)

My whole point was that I may not have lost weight, but I have lost inches so it isn't all bad, and having a day off hasn't set me on the road to ruin. I am still making progress and am happy with that.


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