W2 r1 - feeling chuffed!

So this morning was the first run of week 2. Felt really nervous and having done week 1 twice I was half thinking 'should I do it 3 times?' But decided I'd go for it and am so pleased I did. It was actually much easier than I'd anticipated and my brain liked the idea of 6 runs rather than the 8 of w1, so I kind of tricked myself that it was less ;) My daughter runs with me on Sundays and it's a real bonus having her there at the beginning of a new scary week. Am feeling super chuffed with myself now. I did it :D yay!! Happy happy!!

great to read everyone else's progress on here too which is so inspiring and helpful. Thankyou!!


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  • Well done! Take care out there but do have fun. Slow and steady is fine

  • Thanks for the advice. I think my post was a bit confusing... When I said I've done w1 twice I meant 2 weeks of week 1 so 6 runs, not just 2 runs. I am taking it slow n steady... Tortoise by name... And by nature!! I am already thinking it will take me more than a week to do week 2... But the plodding tortoise does get there in the end ;D


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