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Running with a cold?! :(

Hi everyone,

I've had a cold since Tuesday and have felt pretty bad ever since. I haven't run since last Sunday which was w4r2 and I'm feeling incredibly frustrated as I was making really good progress and hoped to have almost completed the programme by the end of the month.

Having run the gamut of cold symptoms all week, today I've experienced a chesty productive cough, and have been blowing my nose non stop. Attractive! After searching previous posts, the consensus seems to be that if anything below the neck is ill or hurting, it is best not to run. But I just want to make progress! :(

Can anyone tell me if they have ever felt physically better after a run? I read something about it clearing out sinuses and mucus...

Also, if/when you have taken breaks from running for a week or more, how easy has it been to resume the programme? or should I expect to remain on week 4 or even go back to week 3 for a while?

Sorry for the whinge, I'm feeling quite down about this :( if my old PE teachers could see me being so enthusiastic about running they'd fall over in shock!

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It is a lot easier to go back to running after a week or two off for recovery from injury or ailment than it is to be off for several weeks because you have not taken time off for injury/illness. If you have a chesty cough, your cold is definitely below the neck and you should not run until it is better. You will not make any progress by running with a chest cold. The whole point of C25k is to build your stamina. You will only set yourself back further by running while ill.

Also, if you are at the beginning of W4, you have 5 weeks to go, how did you intend on finishing the programme by teh end of the month? If you are traing to be able to be a runner for the rest of your life, an extra week or two right at the beginning is not going to hold you back. Rushing the learning stage when you are unwell will.

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I agree with Rignold, what is another week or maybe two. Your health is important and it would be silly to put yourself at risk. I am assuming you took this challenge to become healthier? Don't jepodise all your hard work just to complete the programme. Running is for life not just for the duration of the programme. Get better soon.

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Rig is right. Time taken to look after yourself now will be time well spent. I had to have 4 weeks off just after graduation and went back in at W5. It was much easier second time round. You can try back where you left off when you feel better and if its ok just carry on, if not go back a week or two to where you feel comfortable and go from there. Take care.

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