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C25K & Diet - Number Crunching ! How many kgs / cms I have lost !

I thought that some of you would like to see the benefits of trying to live a healthier life in stats !!

I love numbers and think that they provide a great permanent record of me and where I want to go.

I started my diet and health improvement programme on July 1st and C25K at the end of July after feeling somewhat ashamed of myself.

A sportsman (Rugby, football, cricket, squash, golf etc) who had turned into a tub of lard.

Here are my numbers, stats and figures of the combined efforts of my diet and doing C25K

We have Fitbit Aria scales so have a record of weight and body fat - I am not obsessed by them but find that keeping a note keeps me on track.

I also take measurements once a month and today was measurement time :

I am 50 years old and 5'10" and of stocky build, I'm always told I look like a rugby player !! I have just completed week 7 on C25K.

July 1 - - Arms - 35cms ----- Sep 12 29cms ----- LOST 6cms

July 1 - - Chest - 114cms -----Sep 12 109cms ----- LOST 5cms

July 1 - - Waist - 113cms ----- Sep 12 102cms ----- LOST 11cms

July 1 - - Thighs - 61cms ----- Sep 12 53cms ----- LOST 8cms ----- tons of muscle definition though !!!

July 1 - - Weight 96.2kgs (15st 2lbs) with 30.3% body fat

Sep 12 - Weight 85.8kgs (13st 7lbs) with 23.8% body fat

I knew things were moving in the right direction as clothes were getting loose and I am sleeping really well but these stats have confirmed it !

I am pleased !

I would like to get my body fat % down and know that I still have a bit of a gut.

That has been there a number of years so won't disappear overnight but as long as I keep chipping away at it my stats will show it.

The only major thing that I have done diet wise is that I (we) have cut out bread. We were eating 3.5 loaves per week between two of us !!!!

I have just been smart, eaten loads of veggies, fruit, yoghurt, nuts and good quality meat. I have cut down the carbs, processed meats and increased protein.

I haven't cut out all life's goodies but just applied 'everything in moderation'.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my stats and any further advice would be well received.

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That's brilliant Richard. I like stats too as it means you have a clear record of facts and it's interesting to see your progress. Well done on the weight loss and the running and for changing your diet. You are very wise to change your eating habits and not just "go on a diet" which invariably fails.

I've found that the more I run the more interested I become in what I eat and drink so it's a (nice and healthy) vicious circle! And the more you run the more your body will change.

Keep doing what you're doing and keep posting to tell us about your progress. Fab stuff.

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That's brilliant! How clever of you to take them measurements at the beginning, tracking improvement is a big motivator isn't it? Have you really achieved all that in just a couple of months? Well done you xx

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Thanks you for your kind words.

Yes this has all been since July 1st.

This is not just down to running but also down to my diet and sheer determination to get the job done !!

The running has been the fun part too as I knew that would be the cherry on top - now I run I have found that I also walk quicker and certainly move everywhere with more purpose.

The dog is dragged by me now rather than the other way round !!!


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