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I started running doing 1 minute walk and 1minute run and was doing around 3 miles. ( mostly walking after the first mile and a half!) then I found this C25K running programme. I've started at week 3 which isn't too bad except for my poor knees. I posted before and gots lots of helpful suggestions but what I want to know is should I stop running and let my knees recover or run through it. At the moment I'm running then taking paracetamol the day after. Any help gratefully received! I don't want to stop if I can avoid it but don't want to cause any permanent damage. Thanks

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It is a bit hard for anybody to give advice regarding your knees - as the problem "could" be coming form a number of directions - running style, shoes, running cadence - or just plain old gammy knees??

You shouldn't really have to take paracetamol - a days rest should cause any knee "discomfort" to ease -- if your pain is worse than merely discomfort , then perhaps you should see a medico??. But do some study of Youtube "how to run" videos and see if you can get some advice from them about how to run and particularly how to land with your feet.

One thing I learned very early in the piece was to try to run as quietly as you can. You basically should not be able to hear yourself running -- pretend that a big dog lies asleep on the other side of the fence and you are trying to pass him at a running pace but as quietly as you can. I am sure that if you do this you will find that you tend to come up onto your toes a little and do not "slap" your forefoot down after landing on your heels (that is , -- if you do indeed do this??)


Have you considered seeing your doc? It may be worth getting him/her to check your knees as to whether there is an issue with them or whether it's just muscle ache or whether any tendons are inflamed and need rest for a while. Better to be safe!


I agree with the advise the others have given - if you need paracetamol then you shouldn't be running. Rest up, and if you can, try and see a physio. A lot of knee problems are as a result of weakness elsewhere and with correct diagnosis and exercise programme you will see things settle.Sorry this is vague but if in doubt always seek medical advise. You don't want it turning in to something worse. Take care.


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