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First pain :(

So I'm on my second go around of week 2 run 1, so this is my fourth week of running, and I've got my first pain/injury.

It's not too major, and I managed to carry on my run with it. About halfway through as I went down a sudden slope, in a walking phase, I felt the back of my lower right leg suddenly tense up painfully. It feels like a cramp, or a strained muscle, I'm not sure and it's not too bad but I am limping with it.

As I say, I did carry on my run, albeit a little slower as a result but it was hurting as I did it, strangely, it hurt more during the walking than it did during the jogging part.

I'm going to do my next run after the two day gap, so hopefully it will ease up by then. For now I'm going to rest it as much as I can.

Any thoughts on what it might be and what may have caused it?

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The sudden slope I would say. I crocked my ankle on a steep slope. I think it's when it makes your ankle bend at an actute angle when it's under load

Rest, ice, painkillers, anti-inflamms (last thing at night but only if needs be) The ice, elevation and resting it should do it.

Avoid steep slopes if at all possible, or walk them, at least until your body is strong enough to support running/walking on such terrain. Your body will toughen up as you get fitter. Think about doing other exercise on non-running days so you develop your overall fitness

Good luck. Take care


Yeah, I'm inclined to agree (Did you see what I did there? ;) )

It was just as I put my leg at an angle that it happened so I think I may have over-extended it.

I'm resting up now after being at work all day and it is feeling a lot better already. been using Deep Heat cream on it as well, which helps a lot. :)


Muscle strain? I agree with everything Misswobble has said. Never try and run through pain like this though - you don't want to end up tearing a muscle. I have been there and believe me, it takes a long while to come back from! I am a great believer in the power of ice to reduce inflammation and pain. Good luck and take it easy.

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Lots of stretching is good the help those muscles. Try to stretch after every run and on your rest days if you are stiff.

If you had a cramped leg then be careful running on it - I fell on a cramped foot one time (not running) and it played hell with the connective tissue in my foot. I need physio' for that one.

If your legs feel like that during a run then try stopping and stretching them out - that might help and it's good for relieving cramp too, if that's what you have.

Keep it up - and hopefully the pain won't recur.


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