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Easing back. After chest infection

Ok! After horse poo leapin, dog poo dodging, almost standin on a rat as it ran past my path. Oh nd almost chockin on a fly. I managed 20 mins.

Im really happy with that. As its my first run since 5 days ago. I kind of got it in my mind. If i miss runs my fitness would whither. But I was wrong. Feel so good. Still on antibiotics tho. So not pushing too much. ☺☺☺☺

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Sound like an assault course. Well done for getting out there. Feel better soon.


Thank you. Yeah it kept me alert. Lol


Haha hazard perception at the very best well done I'm back out Wed after two weeks resting my shin can't wait xx


Haha yeah u got it in one. Lol! Bless ya hope it wont take u too long to get back


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