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Been poorly...again

Hi all,

It seems that for me, the calendar for this year should be marked not in months but in periods of illness. I've now had 4 instances of a cold followed a week later by a stomach upset of some description.

The latest began with a cold that started on the day of my 10K race the weekend before last. Getting to Thursday of last week and starting to feel better when I get a call to say my other half has to pick one of the twins up from the child minders because he's been sick. Later that day, another call to say she's had to pick his brother up for the same reason.

"This doesn't bode well" I thought to myself.

After a night of catching sick in bowls and changing runny nappies things were looking up the next day. No toddlers throwing up although they were still under the weather bless them.

Saturday comes, I do parkrun, not the best run but I put that down to the cold still hanging about. Boys still seem ok. "Phew" I'm thinking, "looks like I got away with that".

Should have known better.

Just after midnight I'm woken by the sound of one of the boys throwing up - he managed to cover his mums dressing gown! Get him cleaned up, settled back down and back to bed ourselves. Just before 4am I wake up feeling not too clever and soon after the inevitable happens.

That was me out of action for Sunday, Monday and yesterday.

Didn't run yesterday for obvious reasons. Will probably venture out for an easy one tomorrow.

I guess it's just the way of things now, with the twins mixing with other children at toddler groups and such, they are bound to come into contact with more bugs and stuff and are just as bound to spread it around when they get home.

On top of that, on one of my runs a couple of weeks ago I suffered an attack (if that is the right word) of palpitations. My heart rate shot up from 150-ish to over 200. I stopped running for a couple of minutes until it calmed back down again and took it easy for the rest of the run. Hadn't happened before whilst running and nor has it happened since. I spoke to the doctor about it and she didn't seem overly concerned, but I'm booked in for an ECG and some blood tests next week.

The trials and tribulations of being a runner eh?

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blimey Peter that is a lot of illness and yet here you are still out there wanting to and doing it ,hats off to you. stay well :)


Actually, more the trials and tribulations of having young children! :)


Hope you feel brighter soon. Take it easy till your body recovers and you've elucidated the mystery of the palpitations (was it the prospect of vomiting children at 2 am that made your heart go into overdrive?). Twins must be very hard work - particularly when they are throwing up in the middle of the night. It's well known that children are always generous with their bugs - I remember a wonderful period of six weeks during which my kids all had chicken pox, one after the other just to make it more fun.


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