Couch to 5K

First run after graduation

I only managed 7mins. My chest wouldnt let myself go any longer. Struggled to breath. The sweat was poring off me. I was mentaly beating myself up. "I can do better than this. Come on keep going" but my body wouldnt let me.

So went to Docs today. Said it could be infection and gave me antibiotics and a chest xray.

im devistated that I cant get back out there yet. :(

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Take your time. You don't need to push hard anyway at this point as you're new to running. You don't want an injury

Enjoy your rest. I hope the antibiotics kick in straight away and you'll quickly feel better once they do

I'll budge up to make way on the injury bench for you. Shuffles over ....


Lol thank you misswobble. You made me laugh 😀


thats a real bummer alarkin, hope you are feeling better soon :D


Hope you feel better soon alarkin


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