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Found w6r1 tough today, was it the Beers?

Well I've done w6r1, but found doing 18mins with walking breaks harder today than doing 20 mins run did on Thursday.

Felt a distinct lack of energy/enthusiasm in the 1st run, although it did feel tougher I was able to muster some energy to up the pace 30 secs from the end of the last run, spurred on by my friend.

But just remembered! I drank 2 pints of Boddingtons last night? And not enough water after the beers & before the run this morning had a cup of tea and only a half a pint of water before I ran.. My fault! It's not enough!

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Possibly but not necessarily.

Week 6 in generally considered to be amongst the toughest in the program. I know that seems counter-intuitive given that today's run is easier on paper than W5R3 but lots of people experience what you did.

Don't fret too much, just put a tick in the box and look forward to the next one.

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Hi davelinks, don't feel bad about the beer (words I never thought I'd say) as I also struggled with this run and no alcohol passed my lips in the week prior to doing so. I think Dunder's right, psychologically it's harder than a straight 20 mins. Am trying it again tonight. Fingers crossed!


I was also thinking it may be physcological, have had a touch of depression diagnosed in the past, so some mornings can be difficult. Am trying to break this barrier..


Me too. It's not easy, especially when you're battling your mind as well as your body. But keep going through the bad runs. I just did W6R1 again and it was much better. Thinking about it, we're only running for 2 mins less but are on our feet for 4 mins more. No wonder it's tougher! Let us know how you get on.

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