Couch to 5K


First 10 min run was fine - 2 mins into 2nd run, however, calves started to ache like mad - but I kept going and ran it off - I was very slow today - might have been the wind too which was quite bad - but I did it :D

Post-run stretches I feel fine - had a few new twinges so will just have to monitor that - also noticed all my bouncy bits wobbling today alot - can't wait until the weight starts to go so things will get easier.

Solid blocks of running now from her on in *scared face*

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Well done Melly! You did it and I am sure you are ready for the continuous runs. Trust in the program like all the graduate gurus on here say, and enjoy!! I will be doing this run on Tuesday and I can't wait!!!!


I'm going this one on Tuesday and I'm scared like you Melly!


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