Couch to 5K

W3r3 - feeling good

I have just completed week 3, feeling a bit apprehensive about week 4, as it seems a large jump, but hey 4 weeks ago running 60 secs was a challenge! I managed to run in the day today rather than waiting for dusk when everyone other than me are indoors. So I must be gaining confidence too, even if I run at a snails pace. Today my super skinny sporty neighbour jogged past and rather than feeling envious, I actually felt like I will be running like her one day. Don't get me wrong the slight frame is never going to happen that is comparing a lovely slinky Arab horse to a cart horse!! But I will be a fit cart horse😜

Thank you all for your posts which spur my motivation.

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Well done chalkie. Great attitude and week 4 will be just fine.


Don't worry about it.

This site was designed for carthorses like us and if that snail doesn't stop following me on my runs, I'm gonna stamp on it!


When you are out on that first Wk 4 run just remember one thing........Laura knows exactly what she's doing! Just trust her all the way and you will surprise yourself time after time. Well done on your progress so far - you can do this.

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As you said, 4 weeks ago 60 seconds was a problem, but look how easy you find it now! Trust the program. It really does work - and look back and be proud of how far you have come rather than worrying about what you have yet to do.


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