Couch to 5K

W1R3 - finally done on the road!

I've been a silent reader of this forum for a number of months now so I thought it was about time I wrote my first post!

I began on my c25k journey around 6 months ago, and got pretty far with it, with the aim of them bridging from 5-10k when I completed it. But I made a huge mistake! As the weather in January was so cold and blustery and not very nice - I too easily opted for the treadmill instead. Wow did I have a shock when I tried to replicate what I'd been doing on the treadmill on the road! It was like I'd lost 6 weeks of training! It was pretty disheartening at the time, and with one thing and another (moving house / changing jobs), I knocked the training on the head for a bit.

This week I have finally decided to get off my bum and back into it, starting from the beginning, on the road. I'm so glad I have!

Finished W1R3 before work this morning and can't wait to do some more.

Feeling positive! :-)

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Great stuff, keep it up. Finished week 1 this morning too!


Well done! It's certainly a good time of year to get used to running outside, just make sure you are well hydrated and don't forget the sun screen!


Welcome back! Interesting about treadmills as I've never used one so nothing to compare. the main thing is enjoy and keep injury-free, the road might prove a bit firmer to handle so do your warm downs! :)


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