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More running at altitude

More running at altitude

I have managed to get in two early morning runs in a row. - this time in Custer State Park, South Dakota at 4700 feet. They were only slow easy 40 minute runs. - but enough I think to keep some of my fitness level up. I am a little surprised at how I have been able to keep my breathing rate and HR down quite low.

I was visited in a dream by the voice of an old friend who had died. He said to me "you don't have to worry about me any more. I am in a beautiful place where the sky is deep blue, the air is clean with crystal clear water in the streams running throught the beautiful mountains - and frankly I am getting more sex than I could have ever imagined! I said " Heaven must be very beautiful". He replied - oh! I'not in Heaven - I am now a bull Elk in Custer State Park😃

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lol, good one Bazza!


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