Couch to 5K

Parkrun to aim for!

Now my confidence has increased, the blood pressure has dropped and my clothes feel so much better I decided to set myself a new goal - I'm now aiming to enter a local 5k Park-run on 1st August. I should be ready for it then, work will be less time consuming and it'll motivate me to continue. I'll even put this idea on FB for all my family and friends to see and persuaded my son to take part - that'll keep me going as long as I can stay injury free.

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Excellent...parkruns are fab and a great way to meet others too.... good luck!


thanks juicyju, excited about it and wouldn't have known about them if I'd not joined here - doing a half marathon again after 15 years does seem so ridiculous anymore!


Or Should I say - it doesn't seem so ridiculous!


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