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Omg! I actually ran today!

Just completed week 6 run 2, for the second time as I was poorly for a week, and I actually broke into a run for the last minute! And then the adrenaline kicked in and now I feel fantastic!

I've been only jogging really since February, when my daughter runs with me she's like a gazelle running rings round my version of a hippo.

But after today I realise i might actually get fast enough one day to keep up with her!

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You better believe it baby!

Take it steady for now though. Slow, plodding, jogs every other day will get you there. The slow, deliberate running will build up your running legs properly. Rome wasn't built in a day! The rest days in between runs also give you time for repair so always take them

Have fun! This programme is fab and will get you where you want to be in running terms, and before long your daughter had better look out. She won't believe how far you'll come, honestly. Just keep plugging away.


Congratulations! I too have done Wk 6 R 2 today ( my first treadmill run of the C25K)! Keep up the good work.

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Hooray! Better think about changing your name!


Perhaps I could change it to notaquickrunner or notajoggeranymore! Haha.



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