Couch to 5K

Where to start?!

I want to run! I want to run and I'm sick of excuses. I've lost almost 4 stone but have almost 4 stone still to lose. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knee last year and this was my motivation to lose weight. Having had a breakdown a few years back and spending 18 months, almost solidly, in my bed I think I had a lot of muscle wastage and have really struggled to get active again. I'm now at the point of walking 10,000 steps a day and attending the gym 3 times a week, albeit fairly low key exercise at present.

I've been challenged to run, walk or crawl the Manchester 10k next year and my question is 'will it be possible?'. Are there people out there with osteoarthritis that have successfully started running? Everything I've read seems to warn me off even starting but as I said earlier... I want to run!

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I think it maybe good to check with your GP first.

Would swimming be an option for you? It is a very good exercise, doesn't impact the joints, works the whole body.

Hope you'll have the ok to run, but if not do not give up on moving!


Check with your GP but I'm sure I've seen recent articles saying that exercise is good for arthritis.


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