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wonderful sight in Glasgow at 10.45

No not the eclipse.....I just gone and done did it....I graduated. I have done something at 64 I couldn't do at 14 or 24, ran for 30 mins non stop.

I won't pretend, at times it was hard, even questioned WHY I was doing it over the weeks. In the end it's done. I feel so much better too.

For those who like figures when I started 9 weeks ago I was nearing 64, 101.9 kg and unfit. When I graduated, like saying that, I'm 9 weeks closer to 64 (June) and 93.2 kg. All my walking was done at 6 km/h and running at 8 km/h on treadmill. I found that I could keep a constant pace and not worry about footfall. A sensible intake of food also helped, as did some gym club members who spurred me on at times. As well as reading you guys comments on your own experiences. I ran Mon/Wed/Fri and the days in between did some light gym work.

For those of you just starting or thinking about it.....the guys on here will keep you going with their support. Listen to Laura, listen to your body. Don't worry about speed, pace or distance, do what you can manage. It'll come believe me. Inside or outside, your choice. Doing something is better than nothing.


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Great stuff, congrats.


Fantastic. Well done. You should be so proud of yourself.

Keep up the good work


Woohoo fantastic news. Very very well done. Now quick, get your shiny new graduate badge :)


Well done!!!

don't forget to claim your badge.


Great post, many congratulations on graduating. It's a great feeling!! dont forget to claim your badge. Congrats on the weight loss too.


68 year old here-- let me tell you that you are only now just starting your new life!😃

Like you, I have never been able to run - but I now do have this new ability. I only wish that I had done this 10 years ago. It is the advent of the Internet that has brought this new phase of my life - a whole new experience. Tomorrow I will be participating in a 10K funrun with 5000 other runners -mostly young ones. Who would have thought it????

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Well done! Are you going to try running outside now? The weather was glorious today!


Very well done Pudsey! I really hope you feel proud of yourself. As Bazza says though, this is just the start. Set yourself a new target and sign up for a 5k run and you will keep going and keep amazing yourself.


Congratulations! It's a great feeling when you graduate :)


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