Finished Week Nine

Hello all. This is my first post. I finished c25k about two years ago. It really aided my fitness. At 53 I was able to run for 30 minutes something I was never able to do. But for some dumb reason I quit. I completely lost everything I worked to gain. I made a few halfhearted attempt to get back with the program but failed big time. Fast forward to last December I got my determination going and faithfully pounded the pavement. Today I did my graduation run !! Yeah! Thanks to Laura. C25K works great in the states too.


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  • Well done for doing it again Bob!! I'm on week 7 first timer :) determined to graduate and stick with running. Good to have you back to C25K :)

  • Many congratulations Bob. Great determination not giving up and redoing the programme. I think C25K is reaching all over the globe- i graduated in Chile (started in the UK) and i know there are a few people waving the c25k flag in various different countries.

  • Hello Bob ! Welcome to the board !

    C25k is global , fab stuff !

    Well done on your graduation , and all the very best to you xxx

  • Well done Bob....I bet you feel great.... Perhaps aim for a race to keep you going??

  • Congratulations! Keep with it now - what will you make your next goal?

  • Thanks to you all for the encouraging comment. I plan to do wk 9 runs all thru March. Then c25k +. I'm running at 5.2 mph so haven't reached the 5k in 30 min target. I need to get speed up to 6mph. So that is a goal. This is also a weight loss mission for me. I have been tracking my food intake with a app called my fitness pal while doing c25k and am down about 15 pounds. I also have been biking back and forth to work every day. I still have 35 pounds to go my goal is to do it by this July. Thanks again for your nice words.


  • Wasn't C25K invented in the States?

  • Well done for finishing it again. Now for the hard part of making running a continued part of your life. Good luck.

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