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Pain in right calf muscle after W7R1

I was doing great with the runs when all of the sudden I noticed that after I completed my W7R1 my right calf muscle is really hurting. I attempted W7R2 but only made it 10 minutes in before I decided I was probably going to do more bad then good if I continued. Has anyone else had any issues like this after moving into week 7? How much rest time should I give me muscle? It's been 5 days and it is still pretty tender if I try to jog so I have been working out on the bike to give it a rest. Thanks for the help!

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I would take an Ibufren or Neurofen the very last thing at night before turning into sleep. It should be right after five days I would have thought.

You could try a gentle, short run out, after first warming up properly and having 5 minute brisk walk. Just a gentle run out and see how it goes. If it's agony there's definitely something amiss.


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