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Taking Laura W1R1 on Poppy Run Kingsbury Water Park

I decided to take Laura W1R1 on the Poppy Run, using the 5 min intro as a run, followed by the one minute run, ninety second walk, rewinding about half way through. She got me through the 5k in about 43 mins. I would have known the exact timings if I had remembered to switch on my Garmin. (I think I am much better running on my own).

Quite pleased with the result, especially as I was definitely the last runner to start - but not the last to finish. I think though, I am much better running on my own.

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You've got a medal! I'm so jealous. Really well done and such a great cause.


Well done moon mar. I like running by myself and with others as find there are advantages to both . But as long as you enjoy the run that all that matters. Hope weather wasn't too bad for you Really windy here

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Well done moonmar. I finished in 27:25 according to my official timekeeper/photographer/bag-looking-after bitch (him indoors!!) - a new PB.

Still not sure about running with others. They do spur me on, but they get in my way as well :)

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moonmar , I quite agree; on yor own, you know what you do and where you go. It's nice to listen to one's own body, the feeling is great too. Well done for your long 43 minutes, That mcuh better than waht's prescribed. keep it steady. What a good start!


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