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Is this shin splints or worse ??!!!

I am a c 2 5k graduate and very proud of my achievement, I am also so thankful for this community as they are so supportive which is why I am here again ...... I have been running 6 k about 4 times per week and have been doing ok, not breaking any world records (yet !!) but going steady. On Saturday I did a park run just to gauge my performance and to see what it was like to run with others, I did OK 31.56 and felt good until my next run on the Monday and I was blighted by shin pain, about 20 mins into my run I was walking and it's hurt ever since, it's not agonising but distracting enough to make me worry , make my lower legs feel weak, I don't want to lift my pace at all and want to avoid kerbs and hills !!! Surely this is not the end of my illustrious running career already !!!!! I feel so disappointed

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Maybe it's too much too soon. Four times a week is a lot if you're a relatively new runner. I found it so which made me drop back to 3 days a week

Try having a couple of days off. I don't see why it should mean the end of your running


There does seem something wrong but i'm not sure if it's shin splints. Normally shin splints hurt most the time but if it's not severe then you tend to run the pain off but it becomes more severe after the run.

I would restrict the running to what is comfortable having at least one rest day after a run. Do try and build stretches into your daily routine even when you are not running it will certainly help.


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