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Oh my calves!

I just started week 3 of C25K, I've never really done a running program before, and my calves are killing me. To the point where its painful if I try and sit back onto them. Is this normal or has anyone else had something similar? Im running on the balls of my feet in a cycling motion, on grass, trying to keep it as light as possible. I wonder if there is something else I could be doing?

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Are you making sure you always stretch out after your runs? - it really is essential to help ease the stiffness. There are suggested exercises in a pinned post to the right of the page.

Stick with it. It will get easier.


Agree with ullyrunner if I don't stretch after each run I am as stiff as a board next day. Well worth the 5 to 10 minutes it takes. If you are stretching let us know and someone may be able to make some other suggestions. Well done on getting to week 3 :)


Sorry, I should have mentioned that I do, I warm up and cool down every time, as well as doing yoga on a daily basis :/


When you say you are running on the balls of your feet, is this the way you would run 'naturally' or are you forcing yourself to run that way? To be honest, I ignored the advice from Laura and just ran naturally without thinking about how my feet hit the ground.

Also, do you have a good pair of running shoes or just any old trainers? I started with ordinary trainers but soon realised they were the cause of my shin pain. I had gait analysis carried out and invested in a good pair of running shoes and it was well worth doing.


I suffered the same as you and at the end of W3 I was getting worried. MY OH suggested I visit a physio. I did and she was brilliant (a 10k runner herself) and said that my calf muscles were all bunched and uneven instead of smooth. She gave me the most painful massage of my life and exercises to do alongside my warm up/down stretches. I had NO history of fitness when I started, and the physio said that this was not uncommon in such a situation. I do not have to go back unless I feel it happening again. I am now on W7 and am fine. I hope this helps you a little.


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