Couch to 5K

W2R3 done and a runner might be peeping out from inside this cyclist!

First thoughts in my head when I woke up this morning were, no way are you gonna be able to run anywhere today! So I told myself to shut up and got the running gear on! Can't believe I'm even writing this, I've always said, I'm not a runner I'm a cyclist! I had a good week 2 run 1 and a tough run 2, which is probably what made my gremlin shout this morning! So on run 3 today, I found the first 4 runs quite easy, then hit a slight slope and REALLY struggled on run 5, I was definitely slower than walking! Picked it up for the final run though. My favourite thing is that I have not had any back pain this week. All through week 1 my lower back was complaining and I kept having to tell myself it didn't really hurt! So, not sure if I have just got a better technique, or what but it's lovely to run without the pain. I have been running in a local country park and it's so nice on a hot day to go into the shady bits. Weather looking a bit dodgy next week, but I'm looking forward to a rainy run! I am thinking of repeating this week, as I had my app crash a few times in the first 2 runs and so wasn't totally confident that I completed everything. I now have Laura to run with so want to do a whole week for sure. Great forum, I am reading everyone's experiences and feeling encouraged by it all. :)

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Well done on starting the programme and keeping up with it.

Glad your back is behaving...

Happy running




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