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1 or 2 days rest between w6 and w7?

Hi all

I've just completed w6 and Laura advised taking a days rest before starting w7! I've always taken 2 days rest between the end of one week and the start of the next.

Is this a blip on my podcast / error on Laura's part or do people only take one days rest between these two weeks?

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Thanks, kittykat. I've always taken two days rest at the end of each week so I'll continue to do so (I think I'll need it after completing w6!).


I am with Kittykat. I feel when you have completed a week that extra days rest is beneficial. However, if you feel you only need 1, thats up to you but do take at least1


Hi Paul, Very well done on finishing Week 6 ! I think its entirely up to you whether you take 1 or 2 days, just see how you feel . Maybe you might want to take 2 days rest between runs 1 and 2 . I would play it by ear as it is all running now , no walking breaks so it does tend to get a bit relentless, but don't worry, you can do it ! Well done again ! :-) xxx


Having got injured two or three times during the nine weeks, I think having two days break won't do any harm at all. You could do some other exercise on your non-running days though such as swimming, cycling, walking, fitness class, yoga or cardio etc. I do fitness DVD's at home too. It all helps


I mostly take 1 days rest between each run, and get an extra one in here and there (repeat), but I've found lately that 2 days rest can give a better performance. Just maybe do whatever feels right :-) have fun!


Thanks everyone for the feedback and thanks for the well done messages. ;)

I've always taken two days between weeks but I was just curious tonight after completing w6 as Laura said take a days rest before starting w7 whereas she usually says two days. I just wondered if it was an error saying take one days as I don't think she's said take one day between weeks before unless I just haven't been listening ;)


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