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Varicose veins

Just come back from week 2 run 1, jumped in the shower to discover the varicose veins behind my right knee are huge - i've known for some time I have them but am now wondering if the running is having a detrimental effect. I walk the dogs every day but the only time they've been like this is when I wear wellies (i usually walk in walking boots) They don't hurt but look ghastly. I was hoping that running would help not make them worse...:-(

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I have vvs and haven't found running makes them worse. Support tights when not running ? It might also be worth checking out options for having them removed as this is no longer the big surgery that it used to be - techniques have come on a lot in recent years. (I had my main one done about 5 years ago). Depending on diameter, sometimes they can even be dealt with by an injection I believe (mine was too big, but a colleague had hers done like that, only took a morning off work.)


Thanks, i'm booked to see my GP this week about my blood pressure so I'll query the jab solution, though i don't hold out much hope, they feel like knotted ropes...!


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