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I Have a 5K in 1.5 Weeks But Can Only Run 4K!

I have posted before about how I stalled for ages around week 7. I have finally pushed past that but I am just about to finish week 8 and can only run around 4K in those 28 mins. I should have been further but I took almost 2 weeks off due to knee injury which has thankfully healed well. Will I manage a 5K on December 1??

Plus does anyone have any tips about how to prepare? Since the run is at a different time to my normal runs, I'll start training at the new time next week to get myself used to it. I am also planning to leave 2 days of rest before the actual 5K. Any other tips greatly appreciated - I'm nervous!

Thanks for all your encouragement as always :)

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You won't be up against a 30 minute time limit, plus you will be carried along to some extent by the other people there. In fact the main difficulty I'd think you would encounter would be the danger of setting off way too fast. If you can control that, I'm sure you can do the 5K, no problem.


I think you can do it - even if you have to stop for quick breather. Eat well the night before. Most importantly take it easy - you have nothing to prove and you are only doing it for yourself. Try and do 4.5 over the next few days and then it is only a hop to 5k. I did a run a few weeks ago and I just enjoyed taking part and i was really slow:-)

Best of luck :-)


Suzybenj is right. Do it and enjoy it - don't put pressure on yourself, just do your thing.


Sorry for the delayed response but thank you for your encouragement! I am pleased to say I ran 4.5K in 30 mins yesterday, and I felt so happy while doing it even though I was soaked!

Only problem is my knee is playing up. If it keeps twinging I think I won't even go out at all until the actual 5K. You are right there's no pressure, it's just for me and at this point I don't really think of it as a race just an achievement to actually do it. Plus it's actually a Santa run so will be fun!


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