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Blisters - Any advice

well last night I ran w6r3 and completed it and a bit more (wanted to finish a full loop back to where I started) Ran for prob about 27 minutes and although tough feel confident about the next couple of runs (as will be the same duration). What is bothering me is that I now have a blister on each foot just below the ball of the foot. I have tried putting on plasters, Vaseline and have bought 'proper' padded running socks but they wont go away and now i'm into just the 'longer' runs the last 5 mins or so of a run is a bit uncomfortable - any advice?

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After washing feet, dry and then dab surgical spirit on blistered areas, leave to dry. Repeat twice daily this will harden the skin and help prevent further blistering. Fresh air is better to help the healing if you can leave uncovered too. Good fitting socks are a must and you could also use Compeed but can work out expensive so better to get them cured if possible. Compeed once applied will act as a second skin and should remain in place for several days even when in the shower, down side is there's no fresh air getting to damaged skin.

If blisters are inflamed try soaking feet in warm water with sea salt dissolved in it, then dry and apply surgical spirit. Anyone would think I suffer from blisters, not the case though but used to get them when I was a hill walker, this treatment does work.


thanks for the reply oldgirl, will try what you have suggested, where do you buy surgical spirit? Boots? thanks


Yep Boots or any chemist will have it.


Been using the surgical spirit an my feet for a week and half but they don't seem to be getting any harder? I still have a blister on my left foot just behind the ball of the foot which is about an inch long. Not sore until about 20 mins into each run then it starts to bother me. Does anyone think that maybe a different make of trainers would help?


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