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Never mind dogs - what about mopeds !

The post about dogs reminded me about something that is a real pain in the neck in my local park - kids on mopeds. They take them round the footpaths and are a total nuisance. In fact I would quite welcome the sight of a big dog jumping up at them.

Plus one Saturday morning I was out and there was a 30something man on a fully fledged motorbike doing wheelies across the grass.

I'm getting very tempted to take photos of the number plates with my mobile and call the police - who are of course never around when you want them... (But a bit worried that I will end up with a brick through my window if I do that.)

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They certainly should not be doing that. A quiet talk with your local police may help. They will be very discreet and hopefully just turn up and see what's going on. Give it a thought - the parks are supposed to be refuges of peace and quiet for everyone, not the minority.


Agree with Beek, parks are for enjoyment and places where lots of children should be able to play in safety, seems to me that this needs to be addressed before there is a nasty accident.


Agree with Beek. This is ASBO territory and needs to be stopped. Have a word with the police.


No mopeds this morning. Had the park nearly to myself which was lovely. But next time I'm bothered by kids on mopeds, I will take photos so I can call the police. 2 doggie-walkers with lovely well behaved BIG dogs - a retriever and some sort of big fluffy mountain dog - bearnise perhaps. w3r1 done - on and up !


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