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W1.R3 ,Delayed,but got there :) ;)

Distractions ....They were positive distractions - still exercise.

So this weekend I wasn't working as I normally do, had great visions of me waking early, going for a run, healthy breakfast blah blah, all good !

The sun was shining,birds chirping, stunning spring morning,- then it was me that reminded hubby that there was free garden wood chip, down at the dog park for only today...many hours, and so much shoveling, even got blisters/splinters, how does that happen when wearing gloves- really ;(

It was a 8.30 start, thinking hour or so,it wiped out pretty much most of the day, so much for " that run " I was shattered, I even reckon I snored last night lol.

So that counts as a exercise day, and yes my ribs, tummy, thighs, back etc etc all tell me so as well, BUT, what about my schedule that I planned for myself for my Run!!!

Today was run 3 week 1, which was meant to be yesterday,but W2,R1 has to be tomorrow -what days rest,I know it's still the easy stages, but,I know,I know -I should still be good to my body and rest, but it just dosn't work that way for this week- but I could have a nice deep bath tomorrow, Epsom salt, bubbles etc, which is fab for aches and pains.

I'm too scared Not to run tomorrow , in case I lose what small start, Ive already made.

So Yeahh, tomorrow W2.R1

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