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Bloody blisters!

Before you tell me off, the first word up there is descriptive, not expletive!

Next time I decide to go out with little ankle socks rather than proper running socks please remind me there's a reason I normally wear them! And you'll know how much my ankles were hurting when I tell you I finished the run on 6.99k (according to FR10), I didn't even bother to track back down the hill and back up a few yards to round it off!

Off to find the plasters!

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Oh poor you. I've struggled with bloody blisters myself on and off. They really can cramp your style. Hope you feel better soon.

If you decide to go for another run before your blisters have cleared up, I can recommend Compeed-style blister patches. I had a horrendous blister on my left big toe, but those patches made me feel like I was running on air.


Ooooh, ouch!

There is surely no greater enemy to runners than blisters - I feel your pain. :-(


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