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Who am I?

Well did week 2 run 2 yesterday and have found myself looking forward to doing the last run of the week tomorrow. Even more astounding is that I am looking forward to testing myself with the first run of week 3. What's all that about! Yesterday was good it was the first time I didn't arrive back at the house, stretch the leg muscles soak them in the bath and then cover with deep heat equivalent! The muscles were fine didn't ache oh I knew they had been used but no painful trips down the stairs. Maybe I can do this after all.

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It sounds like you're getting the running bug :)

Reading your post reminds me of myself just a couple of months ago. Never thought I'd even complete Week 1 and then found myself loving it and reallly looking forward to the next run, and being miffed when it wasn't a running day. My legs really really hurt in the first week and I was coming back home, hobbling upstairs and soaking in a hot bath but like you, it settled down after a couple of weeks. You can definitely do this, you're doing it already and it's great to see that you're enjoying it too.


When Laura tells you that you are a runner, then you will know who you are.


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