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Peak flow, low low low!

I have had a bit of a shock when I tested my peak flow, my partner is asthmatic and I decided to test my peak flow as my breathing has improved such a lot... I found that it is 330 and that is with EFFORT! It seems to vary what it should be but it is still at best 80 what evers under and at worst 130 whatnots under. my little whattle wilted, what was it like 8 weeks ago??? Whaddaya recon, see GP or not?

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I've been asthmatic all my life suffering on and off badly as a child and again as I've got older. Running has certainly improved my breathing as does swimming more so. My Peak Flow reading used to be a poor 300 or there about, since taking up running its gradually over 3 years improved to 425-450 which is very good for me, the best ever. Don't try testing your PF after exercise though you won't get an accurate reading. It should also be done properly with several good deep breaths before blowing into the monitor always standing up too. Hope that helps but if you are concerned its best to see your GP.


Thanks OldGirl. I was a bit taken aback by the results, especially with the improvement I have felt from running! I think I will visit the GP for a check up, I don't want to keel over unnecessarily!


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