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Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide

Everytime I read a post that mentions "that damn song" (Me & Julie), I smile to myself. It seems to be a definite Marmite track - you either love it or hate it (or if you're a lucky, lucky person, it doesn't even appear on your radar).

BUT be warned! That track has escaped from the C2K world! I was watching a re-run of Cowboy Builders on some random TV channel last night, just minding my own business when they did one of those "final bit of drama - can we finish the makeover" montages. And there it was, that completely unforgettable tune. "I know that song!!" I shouted (scaring my BF half to death).

So there you go - even when you have Graduated and "run away" from Julie (if you start listening to your own music and not the Podcasts), you can never, ever be 100% free................

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Hahaha, love it ;)


I like Julie, in fact I didn't mind any of the tracks on the podcasts, it's only when I was fitter and running to one of the c25k+ podcasts and I'm running to the beat and having to listen to the music that I started cringing, a woman was suddenly wailing over the music! The music was ok but the wailing definitely wasn't.


I must admit, I rather liked that song but some people did seem to loathe it. As you say, a definite Marmite track!


Love the song and still run to couple of pod casts its on to hear it !


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