Grade F (go to bottom of class)

Grade F (go to bottom of class)

YAAAY - after 24 hours, I found how to make a new post. I should have realised that I needed to got to "communities" then take"Couch to 5k" even though I'm already there. Or have I missed something?

"Which category best matches your post"? None of the above? What the?

NHS - hang your head in shame. I teach web at university and if a student has given me this as a coursework, it would be a FAIL! Essentially, you do not change and established community service without warning the community, without beta testing with some selected members of the community, without having clearly defined objectives and a clear requirements specification. And you NEVER, repeat NEVER start a web project without defining a test programme.

Who else do we think you would build it for? Sorry, but that makes it sound like it's in some way our fault.

Bear with us while we ... why should we? It should just work.

And by the way, when I select a message to see 'while we' what? i get a 404 error. GRRRRR!

The final insult is that the "improvements" have not fixed the problem where the 'submit' (or equivalent) button doesn't respond well on a touch device such as an iPad.

Come on guys - haven't you heard of UX Design? You MUST be able to do better than a student ... Or if you want it done well, I can ask my students to rewrite it for you ... properly!


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  • Couldn't agree more.

  • Completely agree Malcy. This is an object lesson on how not to do it. I can see goodwill ebbing away very fast. What a disaster.

  • I have to say, I love your photo Malcy! That's exactly the look I had earlier trying to work out what had happened with the website! :)

  • loving the photo...and WELL SAID. This community is about US!!!

  • To quote meg Ryan, "yes, yes, yes!" Had exactly those issues!

  • Malcy - I know you like a race and a challenge too.

    So here goes - can you and your students code up the runfun website over the summer. Take what we need as a running community (sorry I know there are other health based groups on here - but since we are posting this in the C25k section - this is now a running community too).

    The objective is to produce something better than this revamp, with proper design and functionality - and have it live before the start of new term?...

    ... could just be the way to show that website building and those new Malcy Meters too!

  • YAY, go Malcy ..... Am now retired from teaching just this sort of stuff too - had youngsters winning national scholarships in NZ for outstanding webpage production .... Each and every one of them produced after lengthy, well-considered design, build and test processes and after engaging with both client and end-user requirements! It can be a lengthy journey if done properly and methodically! When completed the transition should be smooth and certainly not warrant feeble excuses and apologies or the posting of umpteen silly error messages!

    Sorry NHS, but EPIC FAIL on your whole approach and execution of this one!

    Awwww heck - will pop out for a run to dismiss frustration!! ;)

    Cheers, Linda x

  • I tried to deleted unwanted tags, missed (on ipad!) , got sent to tag and then previous page arrow doesn't work so back to Create Post to see draft then try to edit tags again. HELP!

  • It has taken me almost two days to log in -- thanks for advice Malcy! You know, a good website should get users to where they need to go in two clicks at the most. I have lost count of the clicks, angry e-mails (with no response) and "Error" messages I have received. Yet I am pretty good technologically, so things must be bad. Anyway, love the photo!

  • I've been tagged with "Italy" -- for #%§@'s sake?

  • NHS - are using not sure what links anymore.

    Message the NHS administrator - he can pass on your comments to the - master minds at healthunlocked - that are blundering around making things slowly better that need not have been ruined in the first place without the basic things rather eloquently described above done.

    Like a clear objective and competence in testing - I always found consulting the user(s) to be a useful task too.

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