Week 4 Run 2 plus extra characters - who did the feedback on this?

I caught sight of myself today in a window running aka DOING A VERY SLOW SHUFFLE. Made I larff.

On the one hand, I went up and down the inclines on my usual route. On the other hand, I had to ventolise twice. So I wouldn't say it was a good run. I'm thinking I might repeat W4 - doing it on 3 doses of ventolin seems a bit like doing it on crutches.

Aaargh, they've 'improved' the site. That'll probably go like most improvements then. How about making it easier and quicker to go from post to post, instead of having to click back to the main page each time? <muttering> compulsory previews </muttering>

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  • I know nothing about asthma or ventolin so can't properly sympathise, though I do,,,,

    Regarding the new site, it's too big, looks strange and will take getting used to. If you want to navigate through posts without going back to the main page, stay on the main page, right click the posts you want to read and open them in a new tab, open them all then go to the first one, read it, close the tab and you should be on the second one. It's how I do it, then everything's loaded and there's no waiting around.

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