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Parkrun - didn't manage to finish today!

There seem to be a few worse-than-hoped for run reports today and I'm going to add another one :-(

For the first time I failed to finish Parkrun this morning. It was warm, windy and busy there and the first lap went OK. I had been thinking vaguely of PB but it was really very windy so I fairly soon settled for thoughts of "pleased to get round". Then during the second lap (at about 3k) both shins started feeling very tight, then began to hurt and I decided that stopping was the best plan. I feel fine now (after a longish walk as well) but am wondering if I really need to go and get some new running shoes (another job for the long list).

I think my basic problem (apart from shoes) is not running enough at the moment - I'm moving house and trying to work as well and it's all too much! Since 5x50 finished I've been trying to keep going but this week have only managed 2 runs (Parkrun last week and one C25K+ speed session), 1 swim and 1 aerobics class. To be honest that still sounds like a load of exercise to me but clearly my body needs more if I'm to do 5K on a Saturday morning. I need to (somehow) get back up to 3 good runs a week again.

Now I"m going to "relax" in my usual Saturday afternoon way (ie do the laundry and ironing) and wait for some more blogs to be posted so I can read them :-D

Happy Saturday all!

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I am sorry to read this, your shins are clearly crying out for a rest! You did the right thing to stop. You may have to take a break from running for a while until the shins calm down, and until you have some new running shoes :)

You are still managing to do a lot of exercise even though you're moving! That's quite a feat!


well done you, you did the right thing to stop!! I would recommend getting decent shoes, go to a place where they watch you run and do a proper consultation, its well worth the money. Hope youve had a relaxing afternoon :)


I think you're doing really well to do that much exercise while moving house. Don't worry about the parkrun, you'll soon be back on track x


I completely agree with Hazel, you have done great with all that going on and this is just a blip; plenty more ahead Ann.

Once you have moved you will soon settle down and have the excitement of your new running route and new Parkrun nearby hopefully! :)

Sue x


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