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Week 2 Run 3 - Babies & Clockwise

After feeling quite underwelmed at the end of my W2R2, i've manned up, strapped up those blisters (3 of them) and went on the W2R3 walk/run.

After the first 5 minute warm-up i was pleasantly distracted by the abundance of baby animals - ducklings, goslings, baby moor-hens and baby rabbits - the more thought about it the more i saw - people of Britian hear my words "spring is here and summer is coming". Distracted me for about 2 of my runs.

I've started running around a popular lake near where I live, and it's dawned on me that i only ever walk/run round it in a clockwise fashion, ideas anyone?

So a lot of distractions this morning, but feeling fantastic. Completed the same distance as W2R2 but have a better feeling about it.

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Ha, I was an anti-clockwise runner. I bet that says something about me! Actually it's just how you get into the park. In W7 Laura recommends you change something to keep the runs fresh. I just ran the other way round the park. Oooo dangerous!

That aside, congratulations on week 2 run 3. You have lots of feeling fantastic ahead of you. (I won't lie, sometimes it will be because you're able to stop .... :-) )

Best of luck with your journey.


Mind you don't get dizzy running the other way :-D


Done it again - went to the park for a leisurely walk at lunchtime, Which way did i go round clockwise !!! Quite a cleaver idea to keep the runs fresh, as for me i've got points on my run/walk where I was on the previous run/walk, and the inner child in me wants to keep beating them (if only by 5yds).


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