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Knee pain. Dull ache and sharp pain :(

I'm currently on week 6 ( did the full couch to 5k last year) and I'm having some issues. I've had a niggling shin pain on my inner left shin. It comes and goes during a run.

After the last run my knee didn't feel right, spent the weekend out with my dogs on uneven ground. My knee is now aching around the knee cap, with occasional sharp pains that cause my knee to almost give way. It feels as though I need to stretch my knee out straight if that makes sense.

I have been taking pain killers and resting. Booked an appointment at sports therapist/physio next week but wondered if anyone had any ideas so far?

I have back pain (long term issue) that occasionally flares up and causes sciatica down that leg... Linked???

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Hi Tiger79, I suffered with shin splints until I had a gait analysis and realised my shoes were too small and also not right for me at all. If you haven't an issue with your shoes see what the physio says. Good luck, I know how frustrating it can be.




I had shin splints last year when I did the plan and got gait analysed and did shin exercises. This time it's different :( an only one leg!


Oh I hope you get it sorted. I know what you mean by the aching knee, I still get it after a run for a day on only one leg. I strained a quad back in Feb. and my leg goes stiff day after run and my muscle above my knee aches. It's not getting worse but still niggling. Think I will see doc if it doesn't go. Good luck hope it all works out for you.



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