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Embarrasing question...hemorrhoids


So after starting C25K last week, and enjoying it..!!! Today was supposed to be W2, however I have now developed a hemorrhoid...I 'produced' my first one last year when I got so ridiculously drunk that I fell asleep on the loo...won't do that again! I am carrying a fair bit of extra weight because the weight has to go somewhere and I believe that I am strong enough to carry my fair share, unlike all the super skinny people who don't. I started the programme to shift some of the weight but I dont know what to do now? Any advice welcome

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As an ex midwife, I've seen my fair share of hemorrhoids ;)

Without wishing to be too graphic - how far "out" is it?

Use some cream from the chemists and you should be able to gently push it back.

Pelvic floor exercises may help, I'm sure you know all about avoiding constipation, but I'm afraid running will put a lot more pressure on your, err herm, girlie regions. So, make sure you run after visiting the loo, perhaps, for now halve the time you spend running, but walk really briskly instead.

You could ask your GP for a referral to a physio....?

Thank you...its very soft and easily push back inable...have used prep H before...am taking spritz baths and hopefully all this will reduce the inflamation...will follow your advice and just walk briskly for this week and see how things go...how annoying is it when you want to lose weight but the exercise you do causes a problem and then you cant follow the programme...hopefully things will calm down!

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