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W4R3 - Hills and a dog!

Spent bank holiday weekend with family in Surrey and I took to the roads here to complete my last week 4 run. Took their dog on a lead which was a nice distraction - although the narrow lanes, cyclists, cars and a three-legged jack russel was interesting at times. After running mostly in flat London, this was my first encounter of running on undulating roads, and found the down slopes worse than the up slopes! Woken up with a stiff butt cheek today, but if that is all, I am happy!

So onto week 5.

PS have looged my runs on website which gives an accurate measure of the route distance - this is v helpful as I dont have any other gps equipment. Knowing the length of the podcast is useful too, and I am surprised to see I am covering 3 - 3.5km on my outings at the moment. Feel 5kms is in reach over the next 4 weeks.

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